DNA nanotechnology

DNA nanotechnology was started due to the improvement of Cluster science and Scanning tunneling microscope followed by discovery of fullerenes in 1985 that had authenticated how wonder properties of single cell carbon film could exist in nature. Nano-materials prepared from progress metals like silver or gold were complicated with drugs that extinguish many untreatable MDR diseases and metastasis cancer in human. The basis for nano-medicine reaches were pioneered by the earlier discoveries:  liposomes in drug delivery and in DNA transfection, controlled release system of macromolecules , circulating stealth polymeric nanoparticles ,quantum dot bio-conjugate system  and nanowire nano-sensor dates .

Sub Tracks:

  • Properties of nucleic acids
  • Structural DNA nanotechnology
  • Dynamic DNA nanotechnology
  • Structural and sequence designing
  • DNA origami
  • Three-dimensional arrays
  • Design of nanodrugs

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