Nanorobots in medicine

Nano Robotics is the technology of inventing machines or robots close to the microscopic scale of a nanometer (10−9 meters). Nanorobotics refers to nanotechnology – an engineering education for designing and building nanorobots. These devices range from 0.1-10 micrometers and are made up of nano scale or molecular segments. As no artificial, non-biological Nano robots have yet been formed, they remain a pretending concept. The names nanorobots, nanoids, nanites or nanomites have also been used to distinguish these hypothetical devices. Nano robots can be used in different factorial areas such as medicine and space technology. Nowadays, these nanorobots plays a important role in the enclosure of Bio-Medicine,Specifically for the treatment of cancer, cerebral Aneurysm, replacement of kidney stones, rejection of renounced parts in the DNA structure, and for some other treatments that need utmost support to save human lives.

Sub Tracks:

  • Detectin nanorobots 
  • Medical nanorobots for disabled control
  • Nanorobots in gene therapy

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