Nanotechnology in water treatment

Nanotechnology refers to a broad range of tools, techniques and applications that simply involve particles on the relative size scale of a few to hundreds of nanometers in diameter. Particles of this size have some different physiochemical and surface properties that lend themselves to novel uses. Indeed, defends of nanotechnology suggest that this area of research could contribute to solutions for some of the major problems we face on the global scale such as assuring a supply of safe drinking water for a growing population, as well as transmiting issues in medicine, energy, and agriculture.

Sub Tracks:

  • wastewater treatment
  • Application of nanotechnology in water and wastewater treatment
  • Nanomaterials and membrane filtration
  • Metals,bimetallic nanoparticles and mixed oxides
  • Naturally occuring material the case of Zeolites
  • Metallic nanoparticles
  • Carbon nanocompounds
  • Modified photocatalysts
  • Nanotechnology and human health

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