Drug delivery and Nano particles

The use of nanotechnology in medicine and more especially drug delivery is set to spread quickly. Currently many substances are under inspection for drug delivery and more especially for cancer therapy. Interestingly pharmaceutical sciences are using nanoparticles to reduce toxicity and side effects of drugs and up to recently did not recognize the carrier systems themselves may impose risks to the patient. The kind of hazards that are imported  by using nanoparticles for drug delivery are beyond that posed by ordinary hazards imposed by chemicals in classical delivery matrices. For nanoparticles the knowledge on particle toxicity as retrieve in inhalation toxicity shows the way how to investigate the potential hazards of nanoparticles. The toxicology of particulate matter differs from toxicology of substances as the construct chemicals may or may not be soluble in biological matrices, thus manipulate  greatly the potential exposure of various internal organs. This may vary from a rather high local exposure in the lungs and a low or neglect able exposure for other organ systems after digestion.

Sub Tracks:

  • New therapeutics delivery
  • Targeted delivery
  • MEM/NEM devices for drug delivery
  • Cell-nanotopography interactions
  • Nanofabricated scaffolds

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