There is huge excitement and expectation surrounding the collaborative field of nanotechnology. This carries over to nanomedicine in application of nanotechnology to healthcare which is already determining the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the design, configuration and delivery of therapeutics. Nanopharmaceuticals are approximately new class of therapeutic-containing nanomaterials that often have unique " nanoproperties" due to their small size a high surface-to-volume ratio and the occurrence of modulating their properties. Basically they are nanoparticles expected for a broad spectrum of clinical therapeutic applications with the potential to target a particular organ or tissue site, either passively or actively. Nanopharmaceuticals present novel reorganization opportunities for active agents.

Sub Tracks:

  • Thin film drug delivery
  • Magnetic drug delivery
  • Acoustic targeted drug delivery
  • Neural drug delivery system
  • Drug delivery to the brain 
  • Drug carrier
  • Retrometabolic drug design

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