Polymer nanotechnology

The range of Nanotechnology is one of the most popular areas for current research and development in essentially all technical regulations. This definitely includes Polymer Nanotechnology which comprises microelectronics. Other areas carries polymer-based biomaterials, Nano medicine, Nano emulsion particles; fuel cell electrode polymer bound catalysts, layer-by-layer self-assembled polymer films, electrospun nanofabrication, imprint lithography, polymer blends and Nano composites. Phase detached polymer blends often achieve Nano scale phase depths; block copolymer domain morphology is usually at the Nano scale level; asymmetric membranes often have Nano scale void structure, mini emulsion particles In the large field of Nanotechnology, polymer matrix based Nano composites have become a prominent area of current research and development. Research of polymers and nanotechnology generally focuses on efforts to design materials at a molecular level to achieve desirable properties and functions at a macroscopic level.

Sub Tracks:

  • Bio-hybrid nanofibres
  • Bio-hybrid polymer nanotubes
  • Silicon nanospheres
  • Nanocarbon tubes
  • Electriactive polymers
  • Copolymer
  • Biopolymer
  • Nanocomposite
  • Coatings and charges

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