Green nanotechnology

There is a general approach that nanotechnologies will have a important impact on developing 'green' and 'clean' technologies with considerable environmental benefits. The best examples are the use of nanotechnology in areas feeding from water treatment to energy breakthroughs and hydrogen applications. As a matter of fact, sustainable energy applications probably are the areas where nanotechnology will make its first large-scale financial breakthroughs. Inconsistent with this positive message is the growing body of research that raises questions about the potentially negative effects of engineered nanoparticles on human health and the environment. This area consists the actual processes of manufacturing nanomaterials and the environmental footprint they create, in unconditional terms and in comparison with existing industrial manufacturing processes

Sub Tracks:

  • Green nanotechnology challenges and opportunities
  • Nanotechnology innovation and governance
  • Advancing greener nanomanufacturing
  • Additive processes and greener nanomaterial production
  • Moving from natural enemies ro partners for nature

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